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About Amerdeep

A Passion for love

‘’Words possess an enduring power that lingers long after the echoes of an event have faded. The right words have the ability to inspire, touch our hearts, and print themselves onto our souls for eternity." - Amerdeep


Amerdeep is an exceptional wordsmith who specializes in crafting expressions that breathe life into the beauty of your momentous day. Whether you desire to convey your love through a lyrical poem or share your unique journey with heartfelt eloquence, she guarantees that every word she weaves will exude exquisite beauty. With her extensive experience as a writer, Amerdeep takes immense pride in delivering heartfelt and unforgettable pieces.


Her path into the realm of wedding writing unfolded naturally. People approached her to write for them, seeking the magic touch that words can bring to such beautiful occasions. Witnessing the transformative power of heartfelt expressions, Amerdeep fell in love with the process of crafting enchanting narratives that captured the depth of emotions shared between two souls. Amerdeep then dedicated herself to using her writing passion in the most extraordinary way possible.






Each piece created at Lovingly Penned is a labour of love. Infusing artistry, emotion, and an understanding of your personal narrative, Amerdeep weaves together words that transcend the ordinary and touch the extraordinary. Whether it be an intimate vow that brings tears of joy, a heartfelt speech that elicits laughter and applause, or a poetic masterpiece that leaves hearts awestruck, every piece is carefully crafted.

Drawing from her Sikh heritage, Amerdeep possesses a deep understanding of and respect for diverse cultural needs. She also recognizes the profound impact of life experiences on our relationships. Guided by this, she conducts personalized consultations, immersing herself in each client's story. This enables her to grasp their essence and ensure that every piece she creates captures their unique journey.

Guided by the belief that love is the universal language that unites us all, Amerdeep has created a truly bespoke experience.

Lovingly Penned: Illuminating Your Love Story, One Word at a Time.

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Amerdeep at a wedding posing for the camera in a pink lengha
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